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New episode of a podcast.

Direct download: Episode_108_-_Roadside_Burgers_And_Small_Town_Cults.mp3
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It's here, the episode where me and Big Jim go long on STAR WARS LAST JEDI OSCAR SCREENER HDRIP ORIGINAL CUT. If you love STAR WARS LAST JEDI OSCAR SCREENER HDRIP ORIGINAL CUT, you will love this episode. It's pretty much all we talk about because everything else is so boring.

Anyway, that's it for 2017. We'll see you in the new year.

Direct download: Episode_107_-_Star_Wars_Last_Jedi_Oscar_Screener_HDRip.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:57pm PDT

Kaleb and Big Jim discuss the most important story in America in 2017: one man's quest to launch himself in a rocket to finally prove the world that is... is not the world we thought it was.

Direct download: Episode_106_-_The_Bleeding_Edge_Of_Science.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:17pm PDT

I was tending to my dying grandmother for a spell, but we're back and aim to be back on a bi-weekly basis. And when I say we, I mean me and Big Jim Murphy, who joins me on this episode to talk about murderers and life and the passing of Tom Petty, a genius.

Tell your friends, and hop on down to my Patreon.

Direct download: Episode_105_-_Temporal_Dislocation.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:09pm PDT

The Last Exit Show's tribute to Harry Dean Stanton, the best actor on earth, who died today at the age of infinity.

Direct download: Episode_104_-_Ordinary_Fuckin_People.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:14pm PDT

The show is back. One hundred percent.

This is my first episode with a guest, Sean McTiernan. He's my guest because this episode is about TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN, and he knows a hell of a lot about it. We go long. Very long.


This show has a Patreon now, because I want to do this show more, and keep it around as long as I can.

Direct download: Episode_103_-_It_Is_Happening_Again.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:36pm PDT

Obligatory excited spiel about our big comeback, which was a long time coming.

We talk about Merle and Chuck and Vince Foster and death and resurrection.

Hope you enjoy it. We want to do it more. Paypal account is, as always, if you feel like donating to the cause of comedy. Funny, funny comedy. You'll laugh so much, you're gonna be sick from laughing so much.

Direct download: Episode_100_-_Rock_And_Roll_Will_Stand.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:04pm PDT

Wherein I poke my head out from my bunker and find out just how cold it really is.

This episode exists mostly to prove I can still speak. At times I almost succeed.

There's some talk about small towns and theft and life and death. It's 2016 now. Nice to still be doing this.

(If you want to donate toward the hosting fees, it'd be appreciated. There's another episode in the can right now I haven't had time to edit. There will be others. Schedule remains up in the air because of this whole itinerant thing. Our PayPal is, as always,

Direct download: Episode_102_-_Stealing_Time.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:10am PDT

A special episode where Kaleb Horton, cultural writer, having reviewed the film for Vice, gathers some special guests and goes deep on Star Wars: The Force Awakens. For legal reasons, during the review, he insists the film be referred to by its correct title: Space Fight.

Happy New Year.

Direct download: Space_Fight.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:13pm PDT

Hi. Still remember me?

Anyway, the show's not gone, I was just more itinerant than usual. Didn't have a desk and a quiet room very often.

This is a long episode, partially as penance and partially because I really, really missed doing it. I talk about all the misadventures I got up to in Southern California, fatigue, spiritual dread, all my fun themes you've come to know and tolerate. I also cover my favorite music and movies of the year, and generally talk about as much as I'm capable of talking about anything I'm capable of talking about anymore. I get into the Vanity Fair pieces and all that too.

I changed the artist tag on the mp3. It's not Horton/Murphy anymore. It's just me, Kaleb Horton. Not a selfish move, I just realized there's no scenario where this thing ever has a steady co-host again. A wistful thing to realize, but hey. Gotta be honest with yourself. If that means you can't find it on iTunes or something gets screwed up somewhere for any reason, please let me know.

The show needs hosting money. If you feel like donating, and it would sure be nice if you did, then I'll definitely do more episodes, wherever I wind up and whoever I wind up with, even if it's nobody. My PayPal is, as always. It'd be much appreciated.

Here are some articles I did since I was gone. There are more, but I'm tired. I interviewed Dave Alvin and Joey Harris and Nathan Fielder and went ghost hunting and generally didn't sleep enough.

On The Existential Beauty of Peanuts.
On Nathan For You.
On Country Dick Montana and The Beat Farmers.
On Ghost Hunting.
On Music in 2015.

That's it. I'll be back in 2016. Episode 100 will be left blank until I rescue Big Jim Murphy from the coal mine.

Direct download: Episode_101_-_Distance.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:07am PDT

I talk about the hunt for, and subsequent interview with, the guy who found that new photo of Billy the Kid.

Also, I talk about embarrassing music, and the Kmart muzak tapes I wrote that piece about. It's a long one. That's penance for my absence.

Recent Articles:
On Kmart Muzak.
On Doomsday Hucksters.
On Billy The Kid.

Direct download: Episode_99_-_Ripped_Up_History.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:51pm PDT

A story about an event that did not take place that devolves into a lot of midnight grimness about things not done. Don't listen to this during the day, kids.

There's some stuff in there about Donald Trump toward the end, and Apple computers, and modernity, and stuff about boats I suppose. I'm going to try to do an episode with a guest next time.

As always, this show operates on minimum wage. Donate to the PayPal,, if you're rich and love to sustain illusions.

Some articles I wrote in the last week or two:
A review of Darlene Love's new album.
A look at the GOP debate that did not involve watching it.
A dystopian thing about Facebook.
A piece for Vice.
Another piece for Vice.
A prose piece about fire.

Direct download: Episode_98_-_Things_That_Dont_Happen.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:06pm PDT

The show returns after almost three months in the wilderness. Lots of informative discussion about every lousy search term that has ever gotten any Google traction, from Kanye West to whatever the other ones are.

As always, I'm broke. If you like the show, the best way to help it is to throw money at it. It'd definitely make me try to do the show more. I have a PayPal: I promise to spend most of it on [ADD WHIMSICAL JOKE HERE THAT LOWERS THE STAKES OF ASKING FOR MONEY].

P.S. I'm looking for a good way to take Skype guests that doesn't involve other people sending me audio which I then have to stitch in manually. That's too much of a time suck. Please email me through the usual channels if there's a good way to do that on Windows.

Direct download: Episode_97_-_Where_Was_I.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:38pm PDT

Sketch: Kaleb meets a celebrity.

Show: Some talk about the Entourage article that blew up the internet for five seconds, some ramblin' stories, and some talk about David Letterman and B.B. King.

Direct download: Episode_96_-_Dreams.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:27pm PDT

Sketch: Kaleb and James team up to commit the perfect murder. Features a cameo from somebody on Twitter who I won't name, strictly to be discreet for the time being.

Show: Kaleb talks about the boy's latest vices, L.A., the middle of nowhere, and existential collapse. Also, a dramatic reading of his very real and very funny Big Bang Theory spec, which CBS still refuses to acknowledge. You can read the whole thing over here.

Direct download: Episode_95_-_Vanity.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:28pm PDT

Sketch: James plays a stuffy professor and Kaleb plays an impossibly wise student with a seemingly limitless supply of truth and virtue.

Show: Kaleb goes on an 8 hour drive and tells all the road stories he can remember. He also tells a sad story about Donald Trump and the reduced expectations that come with age.

Direct download: Episode_94_-_Road_Stories.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:01am PDT

Sketch: Big Jim Murphy makes his triumphant return to the scripted portion of the program in a scene where Kaleb hops a train. He's running from somebody. But who, right? Who's he running from? That's the suspense that drives the scene, see.

Show: No matter how self-loathing I may get in my moments of darkness, I am figuring out how to keep it funny as a one-man act, and I aim to get there one of these days. But in the meantime I'll settle for being a cut-rate picaresque leading man.

I talk about drought. About the central valley and the whole working-class California thing. I talk about William Shatner somehow. I talk about rambling off to an assortment of small towns. I talk about Mark Twain and Bret Harte - the dead guy, not the wrestler - and Rip Van Winkle and all this other old stuff, because I'm being suffocated by my books. Someday my books will kill me.

Direct download: Episode_93_-_Slipshod_Salvation.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:16am PDT

Big Jim Murphy is no longer co-hosting. It's just ol' Kaleb and you good people for the forseeable future. Maybe the weather will change and Big Jim will come back. Maybe he'll even be replaced by somebody in a few months. Who knows. But for now we're going to figure out how to make this work as a solo show.

Jim will still be here for every episode, hopefully, as a sketch partner. We'll write a whole mess of sketches and bank two or three months worth pretty soon. It wasn't a falling out or anything that caused this, you know - just a scheduling problem that no longer seemed correctable.

Anyway, I guess I can quit doing that fake third person thing where I pretend I'm an anonymous editor. Here's what I did this week.

I wrote and read a short story. It was a rough draft but I had to replace the slot where a sketch would normally go and didn't have a whole bunch of time to do it. I'll try to avoid doing those again. I don't know how short stories work as a literary form. I just like telling rambling pseudo-campfire stories.

I explain how I'll try and make the show evolve as a one-man operation. Guest host possibilities etc.

I also talk a lot, a lot, about diners and Buddy Guy. But it's not what I'm talking about, you know, it's how I'm talking about it. Personality and narrative cohesion and tone and melody and all this. It doesn't matter that these topics are irrelevant. Relevance doesn't matter. Don't you understand? That's what I've been trying to do for years. I've been trying to say that the news cycle doesn't matter; that we're allowed to talk about old and boring things; that we shouldn't have to try and engineer social capital through manipulation of the ~thought marketplace~ and Google rankings.

Damn it. I'm sorry I wrote all that. It's 2:30 in the morning and I'm waiting to get my brother up for his shift and I can sure type, it just doesn't come out lucid. Time to pack it in. Y'all take care now.

Direct download: Episode_92_-_The_Fog.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:31am PDT

Sketch: Kaleb and James are crooked prison guards.

Show: Kaleb rambles around through Bakersfield and the most nowhere parts of Los Angeles County he can find. This leads to a confrontation at a motel. We talk about the rights of photographers, resolving conflict with the potential of violence, The Twilight Zone, Tripadvisor, and old timey apocalyptic rhetoric from presidents.

James reads a commercial for the first time ever. It's worth it. Trust us.

Direct download: Episode_91_-_Pals.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:47pm PDT

Sketch: D.B. Cooper is finally found by his all-time biggest fan, the intrepid documentarian Big Jim Murphy.

Show: Kaleb mourns again. They talk about William Faulkner's Absalom Absalom. Lots of comedy, lots of jokes, lots of interpersonal warfare for your listening pleasure.

Direct download: Episode_90_-_Trouble.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:41pm PDT

Sketch: Kaleb and James uncover corruption at the head office that goes all the way to the top, as James struggles with his innate need to be ruled by a monarch.

Show: James doesn't know the story of D.B. Cooper and Kaleb goes all Cliff from Cheers about it. Also, Kaleb gets his oil changed.

Direct download: Episode_89_-_American_Myth.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:44pm PDT

Kaleb did up a sketch this week that was basically an excuse to try out his Billy Bob Thornton impression. He won't do it again, maybe.

As for the rest of the show, I'm sick. Leave me alone. It's people talking. There's some movie talking, some funny talking, some sad talking, even some sports talking. It all looks the same on the editing chart. Listen to it and tell your friends and quit pressuring me all day into coming up with professional, on-brand episode summaries. I don't get paid for these.



Direct download: Episode_88_-_Poor_Boys.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:29pm PDT

Note: James' Audacity crashed so he had to pull his side of the episode off Skype, and it doesn't sound as good as usual. Just let it happen. We're here. We do our thing. Sometimes we ain't as Hollywood as them Hollywood types, but at least we're not hunkered down in coat closets.

Anyway, there are two sketches. James did up the first one and Kaleb did up the second one. James' is about a traveling salesman, and Kaleb's is a parody of Clint Eastwood's American Sniper. Oh, and Kaleb tried recording standing up, so we'll find out if that worked.

There's also some talk about old movies, the freemasons, whatever. Content. Get at that content.

Direct download: Episode_87_-_A_Torture.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:30pm PDT

Bit of a comedown from James interviewing Keith Levene, but anything would be.

Anyway, this is Kaleb going it alone for a full-blown hour. Theoretically it's an attempt to do an actual solo show, with as little artifice as possible.

There's a short story Kaleb wrote at the beginning, then some talk about what happened over the holidays, the 2015 Hollywood black list, the Freemasons, and a whole bunch of movies. Kaleb's been watching movies apparently. Outrageous.

Direct download: Kaleb_Stares_At_The_Void_No._3.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:11am PDT

The Clash founder and former PiL guitarist was very generous to talk to me about his book Meeting Joe Strummer, his time in London '76 and the creative process. 


Buy Keith Levene's book here:

Direct download: Keith_Levene_interview.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:47am PDT

Sketch: James goes back to that ol' bar in Death Valley. This one's probably gonna have an arc.

Show: We recap whatever happened in 2014. Favorite music and movies and whatever else it is we talk about.

P.S. Nobody listened to the last episode, so here's an unpersuasive suggestion for you to tell all your friends about all this content we do here. We write and do impressions and sing and dance and it's really a complete package of entertainment.

Direct download: Episode_86_-_Resolutions.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:03pm PDT

Kaleb is alone on New Year's Eve (no) in a vast desert (no) of punishing emptiness (still no).

Direct download: Kaleb_Stares_At_The_Void_No._2.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:01am PDT

The Christmas episode. Everything is festive and seasonal. James goes on the run in death valley, and Kaleb talks about building a gingerbread boxcar and Hobo Santa. There's even some good time snark, lots of SEO-friendly snark, about Jingle All The Way. And if that's somehow not good enough, get this:

Kaleb has an Oscar screener of The Interview. The entire episode is about the fallout of the Sony hack, and the loss of this wonderful, biting satire which may now be a victim of the times, against the wishes of the American people. We run down the entire thing, scene by scene, line by line, note by note. This is where you should go if you want to know about that movie.

P.S. Are you drunk right now? Feeling sentimental? Got a nice Christmas bonus like they talk about in old-timey movies? Donate to the show. We have $30 toward our 2015 hosting goal of $180, and it'd be great if anybody could help us kill that off so we can never mention donations.

Direct download: Episode_85_-_Out_Here.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:47pm PDT

James goes to the doctor. Kaleb talks about the holidays and Merle Haggard and whatever the hell else it was. Also, The Last Exit Show would like to formally acknowledge a great, ghostly 45 from private press purgatory so that we might eventually shed light on it: Frank Thomas - Love You Deep Or Not At All.

P.S. "He's just standing there. Why's he standing there?"

Direct download: Episode_84_-_Assimilation.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:34pm PDT

To compete with that NPR show Serial, Kaleb and James have turned the podcast into a serialized science-fiction murder mystery where they investigate a cold case on Mars. Even their unscripted segments now include obtuse hints about the crime, and provide background for the very intricate plot, which spans generations. History, blood, the sins of the father, the conflict between believers and non-believers, the wounded heart of the old weird America, all of it in space.

Also, since we're doing all this work with prestige fiction, maybe toss us a few bucks on paypal at We're out of hosting money. Kaleb has to pay for it at the end of the month and he doesn't really have the bread to do it without pain.

Direct download: Episode_83_-_Mars.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:32pm PDT

How long did James last talking into a microphone where nobody talks back? A crisp ten minutes.

Direct download: james_solo.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:29am PDT

Just a quick marginally spooky test run of a new microphone. Plus, new content to satisfy the content beast. It'll kill you. It wants you dead, this content beast. It's eating New Yorkers. I swear it's true. I've seen it.

Direct download: Kaleb_Reads_A_Short_Story.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:58pm PDT

This is a one-off, boys and girls. A sad, meandering, unprofessional one-off. Kaleb talks into a microphone at 2 a.m. without his co-host Big Jim Murphy. It goes in a lot of new directions, all of them bad.

Normally we wouldn't allow something like this to happen, but we're taking too much time off between episodes and the content beast must be satisfied. We're struggle podcasters, not Johnny Carson.

If y'all like this, let us know and we'll consider doing hand-offs like this once a month or something. Because it's a struggle getting us both into a room at the same time, what with the ol' time delay.

P.S. Not that it matters, but at some point a Hank Williams song is mentioned but misidentified. The song was "Hey Good Lookin'".

Direct download: Kaleb_Stares_At_The_Void_No._1.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:34pm PDT

Sketch: James becomes a reporter and has a disagreement with his editor.

Show: The Adventures of SoCal Kaleb And His Solid Gold Lambo. Also, James lists some horror movies, owing to the occasion of the wicked and hedonistic holiday approaching next weekend.



Direct download: Episode_82_-_Tell_The_Truth.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:50pm PDT

James has a run in with the ghost of Richard Nixon.

Kaleb tries to make himself believe writing is an actual job, then takes a picture.

Cliff teaches Sam how to go off-the-grid.

Direct download: Episode_81_-_Dead_End.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:06pm PDT

Kaleb and James continue their True Detective season two scenarios. These will probably have an arc, which we'll get around to at some point.

And Kaleb recaps the Lena Dunham fiasco. Read about it here:

The Vice article.

The Raw Story synopsis.

Wonkette's synopsis.

Editor's Note: we're ditching the PayPal donate button. We didn't get less desperate - it just made this page look like too much of a damn racket. Hosting the show is $15 a month and if you ever feel like tossing a few bucks our way, you know where we're at.

Direct download: Episode_80_-_Lies.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:17pm PDT

James wrote the sketch this week, which is nice. Somebody tell him to do that more. Really put some pressure on him, or if you live close to him maybe threaten him in an extremely obvious way.

Lots of stuff gets discussed in this return episode. For example: how we were on hiatus but are no longer on hiatus, John Swartzwelder, how Kaleb bought a cowboy hat, etc.

Kaleb and James also play Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn, so's to reenact our fake True Detective season two shooting script. We'll go back to that well, I bet.

Give us money please.


Direct download: Episode_79_-_Brief_Encounter.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:49pm PDT

Kaleb digs a hole and James steadies his nerves against an oncoming storm at work. Then Kaleb plans his career as a hobo. Frasier explains Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to a depressed Cliff.

We'll be taking two weeks off after this episode, because James seriously does have too much work to do. We let this one go long to compensate.

P.S. We're poor. Destitute, really.

Direct download: Episode_78_-_Poetry.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:15pm PDT

This episode was recorded on Labor Day, so we allowed a guest, Nathan Roberson, to write our opening sketch. In the interest of full disclosure, you should know that he was paid The Last Exit Show's usual rate of no money at all. In New York City, this is sometimes called "writing for exposure." He had a line in there that was rewritten at the last minute for being Problematic. Watch as we fumble awkwardly because we forgot to rewrite it in any serious way. We'll be back to the usual routine of me writing sketches the hour before the show tapes starting next week.

We also talk, in scattershot ways, about Bettie Page, 90-year-old drug mules, and video games of all damn things.

If you want to give us money, none of which will be used to pay Nathan Roberson unless that affects your interest in also giving us money, you can do that over here at PayPal. I should probably not include the button every damn week. It comes off as desperate. But I am desperate, so hey.

Direct download: Episode_77_-_Your_Ego_Will_Consume_You.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:48pm PDT

James goes to prison. Kaleb rides a bike. Cliff teaches Diane how to run a three-card monte racket.

Direct download: Episode_76_-_Prison.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:41pm PDT

The correct version of that got lost in the shuffle when we migrated from Podomatic to Libsyn, and the one on here now is broken, inexplicably short by 8 minutes or some such thing. I'm going to fix it and reupload it. Delete your original version if you care about such things.

Update: the episode is now fixed.

Category:general -- posted at: 3:43am PDT

Sketch: The Hugely Inappropriate Last Role of a Legendary Actor. (Inspired by the death of Lauren Bacall, who was in an episode of Family Guy, but also inspired by every other actor who has ever lived.)

James goes to a sex store, because I guess he's gunning for a gig at Vice. Kaleb drives to the middle of nowhere.

Movie Recommendations for Miserable People: The Vanishing, Pay Day.

Give us some money if you're a wayfaring rich guy. Libsyn is expensive.

Direct download: Episode_75_-_Amen_Road.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:11pm PDT

James meets Kaleb in the distant future: 1975.

Kaleb tries to tell a story about Jimmy Cliff. James decides it's a good idea to break the news of Robin Williams' death about halfway through this story, ruining everything.

Direct download: Episode_74_-_Ready_For_The_Winter.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:24pm PDT

We're now on Libsyn in earnest. So I gotta do these descriptions right.

There's an opening sketch. We're trying to do a sketch every week to keep the writing muscles limber. We're also doing this as a sort of anti-improv mission statement.

We talk about the passing of Kaleb's hero, Jim Rockford. We also talk about Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and outsider art phenomenon LEWIS. This was recorded prior to his discovery, unfortunately, but hey, that's just this business.

Donate to the cause if you want. We're both dead broke. Beyond broke.

Direct download: Episode_73_-_Intrusive_Thoughts.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:52am PDT

Alright. We're caught up. This is the first Libsyn-exclusive episode. No more Podomatic for us. Not ever. Unless people don't donate when our money runs out. Then we'll probably wind up there again. But hey, right now it's time for big, shimmering statements of optimism.

I remember nothing about this episode because Podomatic ran out of bandwidth and I got distracted. We did a sketch. Thanks to everybody who helped us get here. Another new episode next Saturday.

Please donate on PayPal at

Direct download: Episode_72_-_Oil.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:08pm PDT

Kaleb buys a house. James meets The Pogues. Cliff teaches Norm how to play the stock market.

P.S. I'm gonna start deliberately misrepresenting stuff in the episode summaries.

The Editor.

Direct download: Episode_71_-_Buying_A_House.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:54pm PDT

Kaleb books a flight to London. Bobby Womack dies. Dolly Parton plays Glastonbury. Diane convinces Cliff to join her book club.

Direct download: Episode_70_-_Dead_Legends.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:49pm PDT

Kaleb has a misunderstanding with a celebrity. James moves in down the street from some punk kids. Norm asks Frasier for marriage advice.

Direct download: Episode_69_-_A_Misunderstanding.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:31pm PDT

James returns from his big move as Kaleb slowly remembers how to have a conversation. Cliff presents Sam with an investment opportunity.

Direct download: Episode_68_-_Stop_Sweating.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:27pm PDT

The Last Exit gets its first sponsor. James talks about Hannibal. Kaleb talks about some direct-to-DVD ephemera from 10 years ago.

Direct download: Episode_67_-_Betrayers.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:20pm PDT

Kaleb makes plans, gets an unexpected phone call, and goes to the dentist. James goes to the FA Cup. Louie falls asleep at an afterparty and meets a woman who isn't what she seems.

Direct download: Episode_66_-_Plans.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:14pm PDT

James sings, Kaleb swings. Trains are discussed. Flannery O'Connor is discussed. And, always and forever, modernity comes first.

Direct download: Episode_65_-_Caught_The_Westbound.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:54pm PDT

Wow, my batting average for doing a legitimate episode description in the Podomatic days was horrible. I guess I just figured putting on an amazing podcast was enough.

Anyway, we definitely talked about Sam Phillips in this episode.

Direct download: Episode_64_-_Preaching_Sin.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:30pm PDT

Kaleb almost goes to jail again. James discovers obscure American singer Jimmie Rodgers. Both hosts make fun of Ricky Gervais, the atheist actor. Sam has difficulty connecting with Diane.

Direct download: Episode_63_-_godnotreal.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:25pm PDT

Great. Another episode where I was so burned out that I didn't do a synopsis. I think this was the episode where I explained the mission behind the photo/caption project I did with quartzcity.

Here was the project. It's dormant now, but it's good stuff.

Direct download: Episode_62_-_West_Roanoke.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:21pm PDT

Sleazy motel reviews and talk about John Jeremiah Sullivan's piece on mysterious blueswoman Geechie Wiley.

Direct download: Episode_61_-_All_That_You_Love_Will_Be_Carried_Away.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:14pm PDT

Big Jim Murphy tries to orchestrate the murder of one Kaleb Horton, in the year of our Lord 2017.

Direct download: Episode_60_-_Stab_Him.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:49pm PDT

Again I failed on this episode's original publication. No idea what was in this one. Good title though. Swear I'll come back to it, teacher. I'll take the C+ and it'll be fine. I've been having trouble at home, teacher. I got a hard life, see.

Direct download: Episode_59_-_All_This_Cosmic_Horror.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:28pm PDT

Damn. Another episode where I didn't listen to playback and tried to "clever" my way out of it, like a kid who blew a homework assignment and wrote "grading is actually bad for a child's development." I'll come back to this. Maybe. Look, it's another hour of show from us. I don't really think it matters. It can't matter.

Direct download: Episode_58_-_News_Paper_Man.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:25pm PDT

Kaleb reviews his favorite show, the talk of the town: REAL DETECTIVES.

James feels sorry for himself. Please tell him to stop doing that.

The Editor.

Direct download: Episode_57_-_Real_Detectives.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:20pm PDT

The Last Exit goes for a drive to the wrong side of town. Also, Kaleb steals from a preacher's boy.

Note: I mentioned that I took all these pictures I've been using, right? Isn't that cool? Very creative. Good job, Kaleb. You're really talented. You're "I want to buy a print from you for $100 immediately" talented.

Direct download: Episode_56_-_Wrong_Side_Of_Town.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:14pm PDT

The original description for this episode was as follows:

"We don't remember what we talked about. Nothing matters. Sleep paralysis and the devil and stuff, we guess."

I'll allow it.

Direct download: Episode_55_-_Fightin_Club.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:09pm PDT

Russian UFOs, English theatre, Friday the 13th, American cop shows - par for the course, really.

Direct download: Episode_54_-_A_Real_Sinner.mp3
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Kaleb's Johnny Depp impression, aimless bullshitting about cop shows, and James does a bad thing in London. Bonus: a few minutes of Kaleb trying and failing to host the show alone.

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Kaleb and James dedicate an entire episode to their appreciation of Bob Dylan*. Features our top 50 BOB DYLAN songs, our top 50 BOB DYLAN interviews, and our countdown of the best BOB DYLAN influenced moments in pop culture.

*Haha, no.

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The original episode description for this was too embarrassing to repurpose. We talked about Pete Seeger, who had recently died and Kaleb thought sounded too educated. We also talked about famous people who have killed people with helicopters. But in a funny way, not a libelous way.

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As a treat to themselves for the milestone fiftieth episode, your hosts drop the self-placed embargo on chatting about Johnny Cash and spend about fifty minutes on the Man In Black. Hopefully it will never happen again.

P.S. That picture up there is the first picture I ever took. It's in Tehachapi. Same place where our first 39 episodes are buried. You won't find them. They're too well hidden. There are no markers. There's no trail. Don't try.

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Recapping the D*****t fiasco that seems it was only a dream and certainly, above all else, never happened.

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D*****t never happened. It does not exist. We at The Last Exit are totally confused about and alienated by what Kaleb was ever talking about. Ignore any mentions of it, so that it might die.

Also, 2013 in review.

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A new year*. A new season. Discussion about the holiday season and those post-apocalypse southern gothic D*****t cartoons S***t A***s has been doing. Not Kaleb. S***t A***s.**

*Here, we meant 2014. This year. Not a new year anymore. It's over halfway over, actually. We weren't expecting this show to ever be reposted in August.

**All references to the content in question have been censored, because none of this ever happened, to the best of our knowledge. You'd be wise to turn around and just go on back to your house and forget you ever heard any of this stuff, alright? Go home.

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A very special* feature-length episode. Kaleb and James look at Christmas films, Christmas songs, Christmas doom, and Frank Black.

*Here, "very special" means "we both thought it was cowardly to take a week off for the holidays." It is not a declaration of quality or even novelty.

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I think this is the episode where Kaleb read Nick Tosches' Hellfire and couldn't shut up about it for so much as one second. The Last Exit Show hates real killers and we would certainly never tell a story about one. Nobody likes that kind of thing.

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Damn it, the episode description to this one was just me asking people to pay for an eventual Libsyn subscription. I'll come back to it later this week. I swear I'll come back to it and fix this. (I probably won't.)

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I'm going to recycle the podomatic episode descriptions even when it's embarrassing. This one is embarrassing because "ennui" is a pretentious word.

California ennui.
General misery.

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Kaleb has the flu but decides to record anyway. Discussion topics include the sickbed of David Letterman, all-nighters, and hate.

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Originally aired around Halloween, 2013.

Lou Reed dies. Kaleb's grandmother dies and he really gets it all out there, really uses the podcast as therapy, right? Catharsis or whatever? Very sad thing. Some talk about Halloween, as well.

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This was originally recorded in late 2013.

Kaleb talks about fire and James talks about rain. Willie Nelson comes up, as he will continue to do.

James does a sketch where the hosts play old-time radio newsmen.

Kaleb talks about Lonesome Dove, which he was just discovering somehow.

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This is The Last Exit Show.

We're a comedy podcast. The comedy podcast for you to stagger into after all the reputable comedy podcasts have closed, where improv kids are regarded with deep skepticism and happy people are banned outright.

We talk, we do sketches, we try to be funny sometimes but we don't force it when we have something interesting to say, and we've been doing it awhile. This episode is for people just discovering the show on Libsyn. It's also a way to hunker down and get nostalgic if you've been listening for a long time. There are a few of you, and I can prove it.

It's not our first episode, of course. How insane would that be, to preserve our first episode for the whole world to see? It was probably just a collection of "umms" and ironic belligerence. Besides, it's gone. I threw it away. It's buried six feet underground in a train yard in Tehachapi.

Our archive, such as it is, starts at episode 40. Episode 40 is when we found an EQ method we were content with, had pop screens, real mics, and consistent volume leveling. Before that, there were usually audio problems that we blindly tolerated because we had no idea the show would survive this long. Maybe someday we'll do a "best of the first 40," but you don't need to hear the whole thing, unedited.

Episode 40 is the first episode we don't have to apologize for. Much. So it's the first episode you'll be hearing after this. I hope you enjoy. We put a lot of work into it. Tell your friends. Subscribe on iTunes when that feature becomes available.

Follow us on Twitter:

Email us:

Good night. Come on back next week. We air on Saturdays.

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