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November 2017
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I was tending to my dying grandmother for a spell, but we're back and aim to be back on a bi-weekly basis. And when I say we, I mean me and Big Jim Murphy, who joins me on this episode to talk about murderers and life and the passing of Tom Petty, a genius.

Tell your friends, and hop on down to my Patreon.

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The Last Exit Show's tribute to Harry Dean Stanton, the best actor on earth, who died today at the age of infinity.

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The show is back. One hundred percent.

This is my first episode with a guest, Sean McTiernan. He's my guest because this episode is about TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN, and he knows a hell of a lot about it. We go long. Very long.


This show has a Patreon now, because I want to do this show more, and keep it around as long as I can.

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Obligatory excited spiel about our big comeback, which was a long time coming.

We talk about Merle and Chuck and Vince Foster and death and resurrection.

Hope you enjoy it. We want to do it more. Paypal account is, as always, if you feel like donating to the cause of comedy. Funny, funny comedy. You'll laugh so much, you're gonna be sick from laughing so much.

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Wherein I poke my head out from my bunker and find out just how cold it really is.

This episode exists mostly to prove I can still speak. At times I almost succeed.

There's some talk about small towns and theft and life and death. It's 2016 now. Nice to still be doing this.

(If you want to donate toward the hosting fees, it'd be appreciated. There's another episode in the can right now I haven't had time to edit. There will be others. Schedule remains up in the air because of this whole itinerant thing. Our PayPal is, as always,

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A special episode where Kaleb Horton, cultural writer, having reviewed the film for Vice, gathers some special guests and goes deep on Star Wars: The Force Awakens. For legal reasons, during the review, he insists the film be referred to by its correct title: Space Fight.

Happy New Year.

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Hi. Still remember me?

Anyway, the show's not gone, I was just more itinerant than usual. Didn't have a desk and a quiet room very often.

This is a long episode, partially as penance and partially because I really, really missed doing it. I talk about all the misadventures I got up to in Southern California, fatigue, spiritual dread, all my fun themes you've come to know and tolerate. I also cover my favorite music and movies of the year, and generally talk about as much as I'm capable of talking about anything I'm capable of talking about anymore. I get into the Vanity Fair pieces and all that too.

I changed the artist tag on the mp3. It's not Horton/Murphy anymore. It's just me, Kaleb Horton. Not a selfish move, I just realized there's no scenario where this thing ever has a steady co-host again. A wistful thing to realize, but hey. Gotta be honest with yourself. If that means you can't find it on iTunes or something gets screwed up somewhere for any reason, please let me know.

The show needs hosting money. If you feel like donating, and it would sure be nice if you did, then I'll definitely do more episodes, wherever I wind up and whoever I wind up with, even if it's nobody. My PayPal is, as always. It'd be much appreciated.

Here are some articles I did since I was gone. There are more, but I'm tired. I interviewed Dave Alvin and Joey Harris and Nathan Fielder and went ghost hunting and generally didn't sleep enough.

On The Existential Beauty of Peanuts.
On Nathan For You.
On Country Dick Montana and The Beat Farmers.
On Ghost Hunting.
On Music in 2015.

That's it. I'll be back in 2016. Episode 100 will be left blank until I rescue Big Jim Murphy from the coal mine.

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I talk about the hunt for, and subsequent interview with, the guy who found that new photo of Billy the Kid.

Also, I talk about embarrassing music, and the Kmart muzak tapes I wrote that piece about. It's a long one. That's penance for my absence.

Recent Articles:
On Kmart Muzak.
On Doomsday Hucksters.
On Billy The Kid.

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A story about an event that did not take place that devolves into a lot of midnight grimness about things not done. Don't listen to this during the day, kids.

There's some stuff in there about Donald Trump toward the end, and Apple computers, and modernity, and stuff about boats I suppose. I'm going to try to do an episode with a guest next time.

As always, this show operates on minimum wage. Donate to the PayPal,, if you're rich and love to sustain illusions.

Some articles I wrote in the last week or two:
A review of Darlene Love's new album.
A look at the GOP debate that did not involve watching it.
A dystopian thing about Facebook.
A piece for Vice.
Another piece for Vice.
A prose piece about fire.

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The show returns after almost three months in the wilderness. Lots of informative discussion about every lousy search term that has ever gotten any Google traction, from Kanye West to whatever the other ones are.

As always, I'm broke. If you like the show, the best way to help it is to throw money at it. It'd definitely make me try to do the show more. I have a PayPal: I promise to spend most of it on [ADD WHIMSICAL JOKE HERE THAT LOWERS THE STAKES OF ASKING FOR MONEY].

P.S. I'm looking for a good way to take Skype guests that doesn't involve other people sending me audio which I then have to stitch in manually. That's too much of a time suck. Please email me through the usual channels if there's a good way to do that on Windows.

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